We at Steelman are determined to enhance customer satisfaction and relationships by continually providing reliable supplies through the various facilities we have built over the last few decades.


To fulfil the requirements of the industry and our clients, we have built a robust infrastructure to manufacture the following:


1.Hammers: We have a capacity to produce Pneumatic Hammers using the process of open die forging with Massey make types from UK and India; and Smerl type from Czechoslovakia with a capacity ranging from 0.75 tons to 1.5 tons.

2.Furnaces: We are equipped with oil fired pre-heating furnaces which have a capacity of 5 tons per heat.
We also have Electric Furnaces for Non Ferrous Forgings like Copper, Brass and Aluminum.

3.Handling: We have EOT cranes in the plant which allow stress free movement of Raw material and finished goods.

4.Cutting: Our cutting infrastructure for Indian and Japanese made bandsaw cutting tools helps us produce round steel from 250 mm to 450 mm of diameter.